The Dutchpot Food Co


Established in 2018, The Dutchpot Food co produce authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning to be sold wholesale to restaurants.


We worked on a brand project for a authentic Jamaican jerk marinade and created an identity system that included logo, business cards, flyers, letterhead, invoice and packaging labels. The main challenge was remembering that it the product wasn't for the shelves but instead would be in the restaurant kitchens and that involved a different thought process when it came to design. As there were two different marinades an emphasis was put on bold colours to make the differentiation so when in a fast paced environment such as a kitchen you can tell which product to use just by colour.


Clients have been impressed by the service brochure and the information the website. Baps-Taps have seen an increase of client sign ups because the information the website and the brochures that are taken to meetings. The brochure has inserts that the client can keep and also holds contracts that can be signed and safely contained.

Project Type
Print, Digital
Project Year
2015 -