The (apple) core to success. Developing a distinctive, engaging brand includes a well thought out strategy, solid identity and expert management of your brand.

The DAMM team will identify who you are, your background and where you want to go in your market place.

We will approach your brief with an innovative branding style based on colour facts and theories that will increase your brand recognition by 80%! And who wouldn’t want that?!

Logo Design and Identity

Create a memorable, unique image that best represents your brand. The most important part of designing a logo is the exploration/discovery process that can churn out multiple possibilities and iterations. Thorough and diligent research is required before we begin the creative process. This goes a long way to ensure that your logo is timeless and not just on trend.

Brand Guidelines

So now you have your logo, identity system, typography, colour palette and image style. How do you use it across your various communications? Brand guidelines are specifications to ensure that your brand assets are used in a correct and consistent manner. Nothing is more powerful than consistency across all brand communications. Your integrity banks on this!

Brand Naming and Messaging

The mode of address is just as important as the aesthetics of your brand. We ask the questions, who are you and what are saying to your audience? We can help with naming, which can come from your brand values and aspirations as well as defining and enhancing your true voice.

Marketing Collateral/Assets

Your marketing assets are touch points for your customers to engage with your brand. These can be in the form of printed communications such as brochures and business cards, advertising, social media and more. We can create a range of marketing assets in print, digital and video forms to keep your brand relevant and accessible to your audience.

Environmental Design

A major part of your brand is how it is experienced by your audience. Alongside your printed and digital assets, the environment is where your brand messages become experiences and values/promises become a reality.

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