About DAMM Creative

Who we are and what we do


DAMM Creative are brand strategists and brand identity designers. With over 10 years of experience we have been able to work with some fantastic companies and individuals across the world. We strategise. We design. We are what your brand needs.

What's in the name - DAMM?

The name comes from the owner - Dominic Adrian Martin-Manning. Ready-made initials for a tongue in cheek name for the business. “Naming can be an arduous task, but I always said if I ever had a company, I would use my initials! So, here we are - DAMM Creative”

Who we are

We operate as a virtual office (modernity at its finest), so everything is handled remotely. We have a database of quality and trusted freelancers, ready to take on new projects all of the time. These include graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, development teams, UI/UX designers and social media strategists. When put together we form – The Mastermind Group!

Our Niche

Our passion is working with small business, start-ups and personal brands. We know that budgets are tight when you are starting out so we position ourselves where we can be accessible. We want to bridge the gap between simply having an idea, to having something tangible that is market ready. The real innovation comes from these types of client and it would be a shame if finance were to get in the way of them making their mark on the world. We work to find a suitable solution for all our clients that leave both parties happy. We love the journey of a new, exciting brand and fully immerse ourselves in your world so we can produce the best possible work for you.

Got an interesting project to work on?

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