Auto Trader Leasing


Auto Trader, is a British automotive online marketplace and classified advertising business. It enables the buying and selling of new and used vehicles by private sellers and trade retailers.


Auto Trader acquired Vanarama in 2022 to enter the leasing market. Leasing vehicles is a unique proposition for Auto Trader and as a result they needed to brand new marketing push to introduce their vast audience to the prospect of leasing a brand new vehicle. Assets needed to be created to promote the new proposition, which were used on social media, website landing pages and various other channels.

Facebook Carousel & Instagram Carousel/Stories

Working with the marketing and product teams, we wanted to ensure that the messaging on the ads highlighted the main value propositions for leasing. Market research was conducted, which showed us that many of the current AT audience didn’t understand leasing or had very basic knowledge of what it entailed. As leasing is still a new concept to a lot of people looking for a car, it was essential that we looked at each stage of the buying cycle. This was whether you were a complete newbie to leasing or had leased a car before and were somewhat of an expert.

The creative was influenced by designs from Vanarama and existing Auto Trader ads. We developed these into new templates for leasing (Auto Trader Leasing) using the Auto Trader brand colours to keep the creatives consistent and also differentiate between combustion engine cars (blue and red) and electric cars (electric blue and navy).

The ads go through A/B testing to see which combination of message and image work best. This is why we’ve also had a look at lifestyle imagery versus vehicle cut outs to compare performance. 

SOCIAL MEDIA ADS (Vehicle Specific)
Facebook Carousel & Instagram Stories

Auto Trader HPTO (Home page take over)

When there is a deal or offer, we can use the space on the AT homepage to promote it to drive more traffic to the product page with the aim of the customer making an enquiry or completing the online finance application.

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Digital Advertising
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