Coffee X is a new coffee and café shop in Petts Wood, Bromley, that launched in November 2017. They have a very striking and unique décor for a coffee shop, paying homage to the mid 2oth century. The owners of Coffee X also own an estate agency, iMove Property who we have worked with for many years on various projects.


We were approached by George and Ricky to help design some brand material for the shop prior to opening. They already had a logo, a shop location and had started work on the décor of the store. We entered during a phase where the Coffee X identity was starting to take shape so we were able to quickly capture the vision of where the brand would sit in the marketplace. The store opening was only a few weeks away and time was definitely of the essence, so we had to work fast.

First up was designing artwork for the store front. This was a challenge as we really had to pay attention to detail and ensure that the window decals were attractive enough for by passers to notice. 

We designed a typographical window decal that was simple and on message ‘Coffee on the go’. Additionally, we designed a banner for the lower window and opening times for the glass doors.

Inside the store we designed the wall menu illustrating 6 of the main coffee’s they sell. Following the menus, we designed and printed reward cards, wall pictures (featuring Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn donning Coffee X cups), business cards, promo flyers and opening day invitations.

Seasonal designs

Promotional material during different periods of the year such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

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Food & Beverage
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