SEA by My Friend Jen


Sickle cell education & awareness (SEA) by My Friend Jen has been set up for the benefit of the sickle cell community; that is those living with sickle cell and those who are impacted directly or indirectly by sickle cell.


My Friend Jen already had an e-commerce website selling two children’s books about living with sickle cell. The site was to educate about sickle cell but also to drive sales for the book series. In 2022 My Friend Jen needed to realign to reflect the progress of the business with the overall goal being to get support from funding bodies and scale the business to gain a wider reach. This would allow Jenica Leah (creator of My Friend Jen) to go into schools and do more speaking events.


The current website is ecommerce first but needs to be education first. The navigation needs to be easier and clearer for users so they can get to where they want in 2/3 clicks maximum. The current email service must be more reliable as customers do not always receive email comms. Website isn’t getting enough traffic so we need to look at SEO and the content on the site to drive traffic and rank better with Google.


We would keep the website on the CMS platform WordPress for ease of use. The new site would be simple, clean and easy for the customer to navigate so it is a quick and stress-free process to purchase products. We would redesign the existing site to bring it up to date and fall in line with other e-commerce websites in the industry. Our goal was to create a new site that features compelling content and shows the strengths of the business. Use Mailchimp as a third party to help manage email comms and mailing lists.


Successful redesign of the website that champions the great work that My Friend Jen does for the sickle cell community. Business has been renamed as Sickle Cell Education & Awareness (SEA) by My Friend Jen to make it apparent that the website has changed from ecommerce to educational and most not for profit. Books can still be purchased through the website but this is now in the background as the site isn’t the primary source for selling products. The site is more functional and has better information for funders and alike to understand the business and enquire. Traffic has increased by 23% due to the change and we continue to monitor and ensure content is helpful and educational to boost authority.

Project Type
Website Redesign
Web, UX, UI
Health and Education
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