Vanarama is an award-winning personal and commercial vehicle leasing company. In 2020 Vanarama were awarded 5 Gold Awards and 1 Silver award in the 6 categories they entered beating off BT, Sky Bet, Virgin Money, Vauxhall and Vitality in the process. In spring 2022, Vanarama was acquired by Autotrader UK.


To help drive our visual content and shape the brand identity through the imagery and assets we produce. Work across a range of campaigns from social to sponsorship, display advertising to corporate identity on mobile and web.


The objective is always to encourage customers and audiences to lease new vehicles. In the marketing team, we come together to find new, creative ways to do this so that we can get our key selling points across without being overtly ‘salesy’.

Design is a key part in communicating this and as the senior designer, I was able to refresh existing ads to help reduce audience fatigue and keep the messaging clear and concise.

We stripped the design back by removing unnecessary elements that made the creative cluttered. Previously the vehicles on the ad looked suspended so with the refresh we gave the vehicle a stage that looked shiny to reflect brand new and from a showroom. This allowed colours to be more vibrant and more importantly, the messaging to be more prominent.

We saw a significant increase in ad performance as a result of the refresh where click through rates increased from 0.8% to 2.2% within the first few weeks of launch.


With Vanarama being acquired by Autotrader, we needed to slowly introduce our existing and new audience about the merger. The first task was to create a new lock-up of the Vanarama logo with the addition of ‘an Autotrader company’.

Although the outcome looks fairly simple, it was majorly important that everything was pixel perfect, brand colours where adhered to and all important documents were updated with the new logo.

Along with distributing the logo to the entire business, we had to update the brand guidelines to reflect this change. Autotrader must have their logo set at a minimum pixel size, which meant the Vanarama logo had to be slightly bigger than usual to accommodate this.

The logo is a key brand component which meets many touch points, so it was vital that stakeholders and channels knew how to use the logo to update their comms.

The Vanarama landing page is where the customer journey begins. The aim for us was not to focus on vehicle specific deals but show that we had many different vehicles available for lease, suited to any requirement. 

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