Body Surgeon Fitness


Body Surgeon Fitness are a team of personal trainers who have been around since 2010. As well as personal training, they focus on client diet and nutrition alongside the physical fitness.


This project was a few years in the making. I first came across BSF in 2012 when I was working for another company. Fast forward a few years I had the opportunity to work with them again with DAMM Creative for a rebrand. The rebrand included a new logo, photoshoot, business cards and brand strategy.

This was the first project where we began offering brand strategy. The client wanted to feel more confident about their brand and focus on the type of customers they want to attract.

We carried out a competitor audit, SWOT analysis, customer profiling and further brand research before starting any design work. We identified customer pain points, how they interact with the business and what could be done to increase value.

We kept the original brand colours as the green represented health but instead of a rich black, we scaled it back to a charcoal grey, so it was less intense.

The logo has been completely redesigned. We took the form of a running athlete to create a simple but dynamic icon which is anchored by the brand name.

Once the logo was finalised, we sourced a print shop to get ‘trucker’ caps, t-shirts and a hooded jumper printed. We also arranged a photoshoot where we employed our resident photographer (Priscenya Briah) for the day to take professional shots on location.

With the photos, clothing and logo redesigned, Body Surgeon Fitness have a presence wherever they train their clients. That could be in a gym or outdoors. Their brand stands out and is recognisable. As a result, brand loyalty has increased, and customer retention has seen an up rise also.

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Print, Photography
Health & Fitness
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